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Artistically Born, Technological Improved!! When you speak of Jay Logan you think ingenuity. His ideas are pure they express genuine and emotional content. Best known for using his artistic skills as an inner resource. Jay Logan produces creativity, expressiveness, originality, and individuality in his work. He holds not only the traits of Designer, but the instinct of a true Artist. From the feeling of color, the shape, the composition and so on are like composing tunes into a musical masterpiece. Over 11 years of his Design career, he has proven to out-ranked even big design firms with his ingenious style and creativity in the communication of design. He is the BEST in what he does!!


2012 Best Portfolio The Art Institute of Atlanta 2010 Best of Album Cover Design Annual Design Awards 2008 Best illustration Golden Addy Award


SCAD Creative Coaching 2009

Experience & Education