You're concerning on the success with your design or product. And may need one of the following: - Your product has good selling (on your website, on Amazon, or on another platform). - Your pre-sales property will be purchased. - Your architectural-, interior-, furniture or product design will be approved by clients. Let's persuade your clients. With my 3D renderings: - The company from Melbourne gets approval for the project of the elevated railway. - The company from Florida gets approvals of several stages of architectural design for the hotel. - Dozens of interior designs of my clients were approved. - Ukrainian corporate group sold many items of office furniture, electronics, and other equipment and built up hundreds of commercial property including banks, offices, and hotels. Please take a look at testimonials: "Ievgen totally exceeded our team's expectations. His renderings of our prospective expansion were excellent." - Michael L. - Boca Raton - Florida. "Ievgen did a terrific job. He was able to provide multiple 3D renderings of my 2d drawings, promptly and creatively. Will definitely use him again on my next project."- Chas A. - Boca Raton - Florida. "...I was incredibly lucky to work and collaborate with levgen because of his attention to detail, his personalism to my email, his direct contact, professionalism, and talent, he was an obvious choice. Will definitely work with him on a continuous basis."- Leslie D. We should care about visuals because people prefer beauty when making choice and the good first impression helps to build client's trust. To help you with your needs I'll do for you beautiful, moody and easy looking 3D renderings. Due to photo-realism, clients will quickly grasp your ideas instead of guessing on details. You can request following services: - Interior and outdoor(external) renderings. - 3D floor plans. - 3D Rendering for structures (such as bridges, towers, etc.). - 3D Rendering for furniture. - 3D Rendering for electronic and other technique. These services can be combined for your needs (E.g., you can to request 3D rendering of the product or furniture placed in an interior). You can read this paragraph if you interested in technical details. Software used: 3dsMax, V-ray, Blackmagic Fusion, Adobe Photoshop. Some details might be importing them from AutoCAD, SketchUp, ArchiCAD projects and other formats. Feel free to check portfolio and contact me. I'll do my best to be in touch with you ASAP. And let's succeed with your business!

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