Hello, friends! I'm interested in exploring/working in the contexts of A) -historic preservation & education -artisan work for the repair and restoration of historic buildings -living history -period costuming & crafting -museum collections & archives -curatorial research & exhibit development B) -animal rescue and adoption -animal rescue education and advocacy -animal care C) -professional or recreational songwriting (lyrics & melodies in any genre) I'm also open to and have experience in: -illustration -caricatures -small-scale mural painting -custom art, crafts, and gifts -experimental performance ensemble work Additionally, I am interested in exploring the intersection of the aforementioned arts with humanitarian causes such as animal rights, animal companion adoption, prevention of cruelty to animals, wildlife & environmental protection, homelessness, hunger, terminal illness, homesteading/survivalism/tribalism, special needs education, LGBTQIA rights, religious & racial tolerance, human rights, and community empowerment. Let's collaborate!


California College Media Competition: Second place—Best Features Photo 2005

Experience & Education