Incipio Optum

Role: Design Director 
Industrial Designer: Dailyn Kim 

This product is designed with gamers in mind. It featured a layer of heat absorbing graphene to absorb heat away from the phone and brings it to air channels along the sides for heat dissipation. 

The heat story of the product is highlighted by a contrasting fabric with a matching inner layer of microfiber to tell a 360 degree heat absorbing visual story. 

The design was carefully considered to be ergonomic and support gamers.

Produce Description:
Power users, rejoice—Optum uses heat-absorbing technology to keep your phone cool while you stream, game, charge, TikTok, or work out. Air vents increase airflow through the case while heat-absorbing graphene extracts heat from your phone. Optimized for 5G, you'll enjoy the best connection available wherever you go.

Freelance, Full-time
Elliot Cohen
Director of Industrial Design Miami, FL