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Plungers in the market usually do not come with a integrated base, and when they do, they cover the entire bell to harbor moisture and create mold. I developed a patented base that has an innovative solution that balances function and form. The base supports the bell from the inside so the plunger does not tip over, and has strategically placed channels and gaps to aid in water evaporation and air flow. The outer diameter of the base is in sync with the outer profile of the plunger bell to create a clean and seamless transition to the floor.
Early sketch development that shows my thought process into creating the shape of the bell and the plunger base.
When a overall design was chosen, I created prototypes using our SLA machine. I fabricated the prototype with a standard plunger bell, and airbrushed the model to the correct production color.
This cross section shows what exactly is happening on the inside of the base. There is a center cone that fits the rubber bell perfectly so it does not tip over. At the top of the cone are small grooves that help water flow down the cone into the reservoir at the bottom. The bell sits proud of the reservoir to aid in air flow into the bell. There is a small gap between the top of the base and the bottom of the bell that allows water to evaporate. This design is protected by Patent #D688,489.
Overall production image of the plunger with evaporative base.
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Plunger with Evaporative Base

Innovative plunger with integrated base that aids in the evaporation of water to eliminate mold and mildew.

Freelance, Full-time
Elliot Cohen
Director of Industrial Design Irvine, CA