Survivor All-Terrain Earth

Role: Design Director 
Industrial Designers: Justin Nam, Steven Corraliza

This product was designed from the inside out to provide slim protection and a unique product experience. The design was highly refined to ensure most contact points are soft bio resin with hardened bio resin along the interior and precisely positioned on the back for uncompromising protection and a truly unique experience. The back surface is a recessed thin layer of soft bio-resin materials so it's slim yet protective. The surface is treated with 45 degree design details that provide further grip and directly inspired by biomimicry and the veins on a leaf. Design and engineered to protect where you play.

All-Terrain Earth leverages sustainable materials to suspend your device in an ultra-protective sandwich of soft, shock-absorbing layers. In fact, Earth delivers 4 layers of protection comprised of both soft and hard sustainable bio-resins for a superior balance of ergonomics.

Freelance, Full-time
Elliot Cohen
Director of Industrial Design Miami, FL