Sephora Pop-Up Store

The challenge is to design a 1,000 sq.ft. environment that extrapolates the language and client experience of
a typical Sephora store, but is reconceived as a more temporary, concentrated brand experience. This popup
environment may represent any mixture of the store’s core businesses: Make-up, including the private
label Sephora Collection brand, Skincare, and Fragrance. Sephora is the originator of the open sell prestige
cosmetics model, where clients are afforded the ability to trial and access all products in the assortment.
Brands are presented within a Sephora-driven presentation format so as to enable cross shopping, and
clients are encouraged to touch and test all products. That point of differentiation must be preserved but is
completely open to exploration and reinterpretation.

Freelance, Full-time
Jonathan Fernandini
Bio-Mechanical Engineer/ Industrial Designer Miami, FL