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I am a young and eager Industrial Designer, with a passion for product design. I love designing personal electronics and everyday household items. My design style can be described as the marriage of sleek and modern lines with a touch of organic and fluid shapes. I am a very eco-friendly designer and I always make it a habit to incorporate reusable or recycled materials into my products. The purpose and look of a product states a lot about its user; I want to create a lifestyle with the products I design. I don’t want my product to be designed simply to function correctly, but also to make a statement while doing so. I feel like the most important and innovative designs come from the freshest and most passionate designers like myself. I want to be a designer who contributes only good, honest, and ethical products to society. Aside from personal gadgets, I currently a biomechanical engineer designing orthopedic implants. I work in a brilliant team of engineers finding solutions for ground breaking medical devices and alternative solutions to existing problems. If I am to do anything with my career, I plan to inspire, be inspired, and remind everyone to always love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life.

Experience & Education