Donahues's Squad - This was a piece of art done for a book cover. These are Spitfire planes. The plane in the front was piloted by a man named Art Donahue and he was an American pilot that became a commander of a British squad. He has quite an amazing story. I also made this into a large Giclee Print and small Giclee print. You can see the prints here
Fury of the Warhawk - This is an orginal oil painting I did that measures 4 ft by 5ft. It is huge! The famous flying tigers crew that flew out of China. Truly amazing stories about this squad.
F7U Concept - I did this for a Painter 12 demo. Painter 12 just launched so they used my videos to help promote the program. I helped them develop the program and I even created a custom pallet you can add to your workspace. The jet is based on a 1950's jet called the F7U. You can see the videos of me drawing here on the Painter You Tube channel.
Russian Attack - This is a plane loosely based on an old Russian Mig. Doesn't rally look anything like it but it was fun thinking about it.
Airplane art and design

Airplane design and art

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