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Dwayne began his design career with Troy Lee Designs as a designer of high-end motocross protective gear. He then became a senior designer for Mattel,Hot Wheels division. At Hot Wheels, he became a prolific designer, developing everything from Hot Wheels cars to entire lines of new toys. Following his success at Hot Wheels, Dwayne returned to his roots at Troy Lee Designs. There, he continued to design cutting-edge motocross gear including the SE and SE2 helmet line and other protective equipment. After working at Troy Lee Designs for 5 yrs he started his own design company called Future Elements - High energy art and design- and did work for companies such as Disney Cars property Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Batman properties, Hasbro’s Transformers, Spinmaster, Texaco, Oakley, Warner Bros, Activision , Mazda, Upper Deck, Troy Lee Designs, Flying Lizard race team, After 6yrs on his own he was asked to take a full time position at HJC North America Division as their Design Director to help strengthen the brand. After HJC he remained in the Motorsports industry and is currently at Fly Racing as a Senior Design Manager primarily focused on helmet design and protective gear. Dwayne’s skill as a designer is deeply rooted in his love for automotive art. His Hot Wheels design drawings have been widely published in die cast car magazines and books How to draw Hot Wheels the Hot Wheels Way, 35 years of Hot Wheels and several automotive and entertainment publications. His art work was also featured at the Peterson Automobile Museum in Los Angeles, California, in the Museum’s Hot Wheels collection. In a new venture, Dwayne launched his own brand called Masters of Chicken Scratch and self published 2 books that feature his automotive art along with several other hot rod artist and designers. you can see more at Dwayne Vance has a Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.


Artwork Exhibited in Peterson Automotive Museum Artwork Featured in Imagine FX magazine Chosen as premier artist for Chevron Published in "How to Draw Hot Wheels" Published in "35 years of Hot Wheels"

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