11th Hour Design Gravity Car - For my grad project I choose to build/design and race my own car. Along with the build of the car, I had to find money and sponsorship. My main sponsor was Earth Bound Media Group followed by Art Institute, Dunlop tires, Stacie Dukes Designs, Muckinthaller Car Show, and Enviro textiles.
Sponsorship proposal - I developed a proposal that we presented to various sponsorships which outline our goals, what was needed and what they would recieve in return.
Proposal Continued
Proposal Continued
Concept Sketchs
Car Buildout
Documenting the Build - A film crew documented the build and racing of the car for our sponsors
Frame Takes Shape - This design took into consideration street, downhill, and off road racing. Frame is lightweight aluminum with a strong suspension and a large wheel base. I wanted to make the frame visible and part of the design not just something that is underneath adn out of sight.
Race Day - Note the snow that fell in early September in Tahoe, California. Needless to say, race was cancelled. However we felt that our design and tire selection would have been able to run on the wet pavement.
Alternative Race Day - Race course had to be changed and modified due to weather.
2007 Gravity Car
2007 Gravity Car
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Greg Vehlies
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