This is a small wheel for an off-road skateboard or heavy-duty luggage. It has been designed using a full lattice construction that gives the tire its shape as well as structure. Knowing that small rocks or mud could get trapped inside the lattice structure I designed an outside skin to flex with the lattice while also keeping debris out.
3D printing/additive manufacturing using lattice structure

Having experience working with Carbon3D a company that has developed the DLS process specific to resin 3D printing I decided to come up with some concept products that could only be produced with resin printing. A big advantage to resin printing is the ability to produce products using lattice structures. Some of the following projects were designed with the product being produced using a Carbon3D printer this would ensure that these complex lattice structures would be able to be produced.

Freelance, Full-time
Greg Vehlies
Sr. Product Developer / Designer Houston, TX