BMW Helmet - The assignment was to develop a helmet using BMW styling. I choose to use the lines from the BMW Z4 for inspiration for my design. I also choose to make a two part mold of my model and pull a carbon-fiber prototype out of the mold.
Jet Ski Speed Form - This project incorporate speed and fast lines. I choose to look for inspiration from motorcycles and boat hull designs . The result was a design of a speed form that looks fast with aggressive lines, but still is easy to manufacture.
Cobra Light - This project was all about lighting and natural elements found all around us. I choose to look at snakes and how they move. The lamp is made up of three different sections that when moved change the angle of light.
Furniture Design - Designed and built a foot stool which is useful and easy to be stored. A mix of wood and metal was used as they compliment each other while giving support to the stool.
Dead Bolt - The project was to create a functioning wooden lock. To give the ordinary wood lock some style the"Dead Bolt" with a 6 inch wooden knife was created.
Off Road Wheelchair - The project was to design the off road wheelchair of the future. The designs I provided were simple and easy to build using materials which were light and provided the support needed.
Off Road Wheelchair - Drawings illustrating the suspension and mobility of the chair
Off Road Wheelchair - Side view of the chair
Off Road Wheelchair Headrest
Animatronics - Project was to build an animatronics "monster" that has functional movement. Project was completley made from recycled materials.
Animatronics Concept Sketch
Animatronics Concept Sketch
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