I'm a Massachusetts based artist and illustrator with skills in animation and graphic design. I've lived in San Francisco and Mexico City but now find myself back in the Northeastern woods where I grew up. It's here where I gathered much of my early artistic inspiration. My work often evolves organically from my imagination, and focuses on the beauty and the unknown fears found in the natural world. I draw inspiration from plants, animals, science fiction, fantasy, and history. I've worked professionally for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Disney, Microsoft, Free Range Studios, and many more. I work on commission and I've exhibited in galleries and conventions across the country. Don't hesitate to contact me about commissions, jobs, or questions concerning my work. Thanks for stopping by!


Nominated for Coroflot Genius Gallery http://www.coroflot.com/genius/ 7 / 11 Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Achievement; MassArt 5 / 09

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