Self in Pen - Just a quick pen sketch of myself... Random.
turtle blue lines - drawings of turtle from toy project
Turtle blueline 2 - revist bigger crazy creatures turtle
Frogs - pratice blue line of frogs
Bottle - blue line pratice
Cat grip - pratice blue line
Fraggle Bunny - pratice blueline
Fashion Sketch - A Fashion render of a fav. outfit
Little Girl Face - pratice on younger kids
Little girl face digital render - testing out alias sketch book pro.. rendered over blue line
Tea Dragon Cleaning Self - Blue line of tea dragon
Maya Doll Project - Blue line and finals of version 1 of maya
Maya Doll Project Revist - A revist on the style of maya
Child - pratice children blueline
Face 1 - pratice blueline
Girl 2 - Pratice blue line sketch
Girl with glasses - pratice blue line drawing
Girl 4 - pratice blue line
Sheep - blue line pratice sheep
Pony Progress - blueline sketch and top final
Pony 1 - blueline of pony
Girl with Hat - Yet another pratice.
Fashion Girl
Eva Sketch - sketch from current project
Eva Photoshop quick render - speed render on Eva
v-day Bambi - Freehand render done for v-day markers and pastel
Tealians - Tealians are an online and physical world construction- craft toy and game. The premise of the brand is to promote learning, creating and sharing.Tealian's physical products start with a basic construction set where the child builds their Tealian and then adventures through the on-line world for patterns and decals that they then make in the real world for their Tealian character to make them unique.
Boat - sketch of boat working on shading
Full-time, Moonlighting
Hilary B Wray
Product Developer and Designer Coventry, United Kingdom