With a decade of experience in creating contents for Design and Animation, I have worked in Animated Tv commercials, 3D Animated Tv Series, Motion Graphics, Architectural Visualisation, and Conceptual Rendering projects for international clients. When working directly with the client, I believe that it is crucial to actually work WITH the client to achieve what is best for the client. Adjusting to suit the client’s needs and desired level of control, I work hand in hand with the client and aim to keep the client in the loop as the project progresses through its stages toward completion. My services range from concept, design, print and web to 3d visualisation and animation. I understand that each project is different, and so is every client. Hence your feedback is always valuable in my quest to providing you with the most suitable solution. Please visit my website or contact me if you're interested to see more projects. www.pixelpush.co.nz han@pixelpush.co.nz

Experience & Education