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As an industrial designer engineer (MSc), I work mostly in the area whered esign/styling and engineering overlap in the automotive industry. Two mottos which are a prerequisite for me to practice my job are "The customer is king" and "exceeding customer expectations" What can you expect from me: strong ideas, creative courage and interdisciplinary thinking. What I do, I do with passion and always with the goal for my company to achieve market leadership and not only meet the customer needs but exceed them. Responsibility and reliability are important features for me. My strong points are my communication skills as well as my ability to quickly adapt to new situations and challenges. I have experience in several areas and worked on projects for various (international) clients like Mercedes-Benz. Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen


Winner of design contest Dutch motorcycle magazine MOTOR in 1995 Publication: http://www2.io.tudelft.nl/dynash/jvergeest/docs/cie99004.pdf


Motorcycle Design Association

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