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Amerikam Filtered Water Dispenser - Various design features.
Amerikam Filtered Water Dispenser - Demonstration of faucet opperation. Spring Steel cam mechanism holds spout in locked down or up position. When the faucet depresses a contact switch water flow is activated through a selanoid cam system.
Ideation Sketching - This early concept was based on a telescoping faucet design that could be retracted when not in use.
Ideation Sketching - This concept involved the use of a clear plastic reservoir that would fill with water then drain when not in use.
Ideation Sketching - This concept was based on making the filtered water dispenser a multi-function fixture. A normal continuous pouring head faucet head and a spray head for washing fruit and vegetables could be used. It could also double as a towel dryer.
Ideation Sketching - This concept became the basis for the project. A fold down space saving spout which would minimize the foot print of the water dispenser in an already crowded sink area.
Ideation Sketches - The simple notion of having a space saving and compacting design with a swing arm spout that locked in place via detents was the basis for concept development.
Ideation Sketching - This concept involved a spout that folded down and slid out to extend further.
Ideation Sketching - This concept was based on a spout that had 2 halves which would rotate up from a compacted position and snap together.
Ideation Sketching - This concept utilized a spout which slid up from behind the water dispenser and sat on a projection which also included a contact on/off switch.
Ideation Sketching - The first exploration of the concept of a spout which folded down when not in use and locked in place.
Ideation Sketching - Further refinement of the fold up spout concept. This one relied on an on/off contact switch beneath the projection of the dispenser head to start water flow.
Ideation Sketching - The basis for the final design concept. A spring steel cam design is utilized to lock the arms of the spout in place and hold the spout in position.
Ideation Sketches - Various approaches for the on/of switch for water flow.
Ideation Sketches - Various ideation sketches for methods of lifting the spout via one-handed operation. My goal was to arrive at a solution that presented an intuitive solution to lifting the spout up without touching the inside of the spout and "contaminating" the water flow.
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Amerikam Water Dispenser

Amerikam Filtered Water Dispenser - Design was sponsored by Amerikam, a manufacturer of water filtration and under sink plumbing fixtures. Goal was to design a filtered water dispenser which would capture the emmotive aspect of water and give brand identity. Collaborated with Ferris State University Engineering students to create a concept which was sound from a manufacturing and mechanical stand point.

Freelance, Full-time
Jason Lantagne
Industrial Designer Kings Park, NY