The design I created uses a trompe l'oeil effect to make the iconic Absolut bottle shape appear inside the new 100ml bottle when viewed from the front. A concave half-bottle profile is indented into each side so that when viewed directly from the front, both sides line up and form the whole bottle profile.
I wanted to acurately capture the tone of the Absolut marketing legacy, and so I utilised the "Absolut..." ad formula, using "Absolut Travel" as my tag-line. I constructed an airport scene using stock images of airport scanners and equipment that I manipulated to form the recognisable shape of the Absolut bottle.
I then created an "x-ray" image in photoshop to subtly and yet obviously display the new product. I also used a play on the FAA airline liquids rules that states that "no single container capable of holding more than 100ml, and no more than 10 such containers, totalling 1L in volume can be carried onto the aircraft". Obviously, this means 10 Absolut 100ml bottle is what you would take, right?
Absolut Vodka 100ml

University Project to develop a new design bottle for air travel. Brand of our choice, I chose Absolut Vodka because of its innovative marketing, highly developed branding, and suitability for the air travel marketplace..

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JR Ryan
Multidisciplinary Designer Wells, United Kingdom