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Highly experienced commercial contractor with extensive background in IT, Graphic Design, Product Design, Web Development, systems analysis and business management. Looking to use combination of a post graduate education, high level of expertise and diverse experience to provide a unique and valuable offering to a socially minded organisation.


AWARDS --------------------------------------------------- QUARKXPRESS DTP DESIGNER CERTIFICATE A+ COMPUTER TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE DELL HELPDESK TECHNICIANS CERTIFICATE BOOKKEEPING CERTIFICATE QUALIFIED DISTANCE LEARNING INSTRUCTOR MCSE+I COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE IBM COMPUTER TECHNICIAN CERTIFICATE CITY AND GUILDS L1 PARAMETRIC MODELLING ACHIEVEMENTS --------------------------------------------------- CAFE OF IDEAS (www.cafeofideas.com) Cafe of ideas was the brainchild of myself and my former employer at Engino. The concept was to develop a new kind of online community that reached out into the real world and inspired on-the-ground action. We developed a flagship social networking platform with an interface that was completely on-the-page customisable while remaining standards compliant, and a series of hosted social events which included talks, entertainment and food in one evening. I took the lead in developing the user interface, working with another graphic designer and a junior developer, and I also produced the events and maintained the network of new members. INVENTION STUDIOS In 2007, I took on the role of General Manager of the centrally located Invention Studios in Bath. This non-profit organisation was left by several iterations of previous management teams in a state of utter disrepair; physically, financially, and organisationally. I took the unrestricted lead in redeveloping the centre, its finances, and its reputation as a top flight venue. By the end of my time as GM, through a hands on approach and by fostering a sense of family, I had developed a strong core team of employees and dedicated volunteers, redoubled the venues assets, organised and facilitated a year of world renowned events, solved several major physical faults (some personally), and reduced a £25,000 debt. I then worked with the owner to negotiate a healthy takeover by the largest entertainment company in the area. QUAKERS (www.claverhammeetinghouse.org.uk, www.clevedonquakers.org.uk) In my capacity as an IT consultant and freelance web developer, I took on a contract with the Religious Society of Friends in Clevedon and Claverham to create two separate websites for their respective meetings. They expressed a need to have a site that was updatable and simple to operate (from both the front and back ends) yet attractive. I developed an offering based around an existing barebones CMS and incorporated fully fledged Google apps accounts with pre-defined user account information. I then completely overhauled the site style and structure to accommodate the ease of use remit and developed graphics and css style sheets that were then applied as a skin to the site. I then finalised the sites by applying the same SEO principles I teach to my pupils and clients.


IED Student Member

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