Made from just two solid blown and cut glass pieces: One outer shell with an ovoid aperture, and one universal stand with an integrated mini amp.
5mm thick crystal glass outer shell offers superior resonance for amplification. The 3mm thick crystal stand provides a slightly more resonant surface so as not to muddy the original audio. The refraction from the inner parabolic to the outer parabolic surface acts as a further audio step-up, acting like the collecting mirror in a telescope.
The angles of the inner and outer shell provide a suitable barrier to accidental splashes of from nearby water sources. Your phone should stay dry, and any condensation will move down the surfaces between the two pieces and drain through the bottom.
Audio Crystal

2 part passive glass amplifier/speaker for IPod or any other audio device. Designed to be used in any part of the home. Can even be used safely near the bath or shower.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
JR Ryan
Multidisciplinary Designer Wells, United Kingdom