Our team was tasked with the job of devising a piece of technology that would benefit a person with reduced mobility and or life interaction. After a great deal of research and interviews, we settled on the need to develop a suitable, cost effective and fashionable personal timer. Used for reminding the wearer of short interval timings, the soft and easily operated bracelet uses visual, auditory and tactile references to alert wearers to alarms and successful operation.
Input from across the team shaped the concept, and initial concepts like the ones I presented here, were assimilated and improved in a highly productive group environment.
The final product model developed by the team incorporated a series of sets of soft press tach/momentary buttons, embedded in a silicon gel housing, and paired with two tone LEDs. A vibration motor in the wristband set to 44kHz and a SMD miro-speaker provide further multi-sensory feedback.
I wanted to create a playful and enjoyable product that wearers young and old could feel happy about wearing and displaying. The pop art graphics I chose referred to a more youthful sense of fun, but is more nostalgic or retro in tone, therefore more squarely targeting youthful-feeling adults and seniors.
Strong, bright graphics capture attention and especially appeal to older customers whose visual acuity and colour recognition is failing.

The applications of the bracelet aren't limited to the elderly or infirm, any timed activity can be catered for.

Team developed Assistive Technology concept - Designed for use as a reminder device, the FlashyZz uses a soft and stretchy silicone body to house a series of soft touch buttons that are used to set short timed reminders.

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JR Ryan
Multidisciplinary Designer Wells, United Kingdom