A bike light that uses a magnetic mount, squeeze-to-turn-on switch, and unmounted kill switch for battery savings. Modelled in Solidworks, rendered in Keyshot, poster in Photoshop, Working physical prototype.
LED edge-lit acrylic lamp. 360 positioning thanks to screen printed/electro-conductive paint circuits. Modelled in Solidworks, rendered in Keyshot.
Artist's easel lamp physical sketch model/prototype. Positionable using friction joints, Cree white light LED array.
Mobile phone 3.5 mm jack dust cover/meat awareness fob. Interacts with phone through 3.5mm jack, transmitting data with diet tracking/goal setting app. Uses dual state micro LEDs (red adn green) to light up to indicate goals achieved/missed. Modelled and rendered in Solidworks, Poster in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Semi-subterranean sustainably built house design created with an emphasis on maximising natural light in a subterranean environment. Designed in Revit, rendered in Solidworks and Revit.
Interactive arts collaboration and fabrication of piece to recreate breaking wave in 3D using light as a medium. Smoke, dynamically programmed flash animation, and projected light.
Same piece shown outdoors.
Visualisation of light panel artworks prior to construction. Photoshop and Illustrator.
Arts collaboration and fabrication of light sculptures using edge-lit acrylic panels, LED light rigs, colour lenses, Lead, and other materials to create light spaces. More at www.merelyastrand.com
Arts collaboration and fabrication trying to recreate the experience of being underwater. Using smoke, dynamically programmed flash animations, and projected light.
Fabrication of art piece designed to be experienced with eyes closed to recreate the feeling of dappled sunlight through trees.
fabrication of interactive video installations.
Selected artwork from interactive projected "stained glass" story work, depicting the invasion of Iraq as visualised through the different sides of the conflict in the manner of traditional church stained glass. An interactive storyline was created through the use of colour and shape recognition software attached to cameras that fed different aspects of the story to individual viewers.
Photography depicting light in various forms.

Light based projects, products and art pieces.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
JR Ryan
Multidisciplinary Designer Wells, United Kingdom