The Prime 41 camera was designed to accommodate both the performer and technician. The face of the camera was intended to be aesthetically simple and non-intimidating with clean geometric forms and unobtrusive light rings. This simple front-facing aesthetic minimizes visual noise and distractions for the performers, especially when considering a room can be filled with 20-30 cameras.
For the technicians, the back of the camera evokes technical precision through the machined aluminum housings and exposed beam construction. The housings act as a durable protective shell while dissipating heat through the exposed rear heat sink fins. These fins eliminate the need for internal fans thus making the product quiet yet cool during use.
The camera was also designed for modularity. The housings are connected through chrome rods that can be adjusted to increase or decrease the overall length and accommodate different lens per the technician’s preference. Finally, the back of the unit presents a single point of interaction for setup. The technician only needs to press one button to sync the camera to the system and prepare for capture.
Initial sketches and concept renderings
Initial sketches and concept renderings
Optitrack Prime 41 - Motion Capture Camera

The Prime 41 is a high-resolution motion capture camera for use in motion pictures, gaming development, military applications and more. The engineering and design allows the camera to capture human movement pixel for pixel at a third of the price of competitors. With an expanded capacity and extended range, motion capture studios are able to capture more footage with fewer cameras; making their job easier and more affordable than ever before. Prime 41 also includes a specially-engineered band-pass filter allowing complete operation in full sunlight. With top of the line specs and out-of-the -box outdoor capabilities, the Prime 41 is one of the most versatile yet affordable motion capture cameras on the market. Work completed at Priority Designs and was a collaborative project with Ryan Eder:

James Lua
User Experience + Industrial Design Lead Columbus, OH