Jeep Flatbill Concept RollBar: I was tasked with interpreting a designer's sketch for the roll-bar of this Jeep concept. The Alias surfacing was a challenge to maintain clean highlights with so many intersecting fillets.
Dodge SuperCharger: I was tasked with taking scan data of this FCA concept car and applying all colors/materials in VRED. As often the case when relying on scan data, small parts were missing. I quickly utilized Alias and eye balled reference photos to model parts like the wheel air stems, cone air filter, door lock pills, mirror adjustment knob and brake hardware.
Alias III final: Electric vehicle concept.
Alias II final: Rough interpretation of the Cadillac Escala which I was also sculpting in clay at the same time.
Alias I Final: Since the skill set of Alias I is rather narrow, the car assigned was an approximation of the Smart Car. We were given the packaging model which constrained the silhouette. The rest of the design was open for interpretation.
Rhino Rod - Over the years I have crafted consumer products in Rhino. I wanted to do something for myself, something that I had a passion for. So I created a car from scratch with every detail I could imagine. Everything in these images was created in Rhino. No cheating with the use of Photoshop. (2007)
Just for fun, again using Rhino. Everything made from scratch, even hardware down to nuts, bolts, gauge numbers and needles. The finished rendering - 2300pcs, no cheating in Photoshop. (2008)
Automotive 3D rendering
Jameson Neumann
Experienced Industrial Designer / 3D Modeler / Sculptor Shelby charter Township, MI