Toy Vehicles - I worked on a series of classic toys. Classic icons such as pounding toys, shape sorting, and race tracks were fun for me to apply my automotive design skills to.
Coffee Maker 02'
Variety of character themed vehicles.
Shelcore Mad Gamers quick ideation sketches: Variety of simple hand held sports video games with monster and dinosaur themed characters.
i-Pod Interactive Musical Character - I was asked to design a toy that was inspired by the form of a music note. It needed to act as an i-Pod cradle and move to the music.
SpongeBob Feeding Set - These sketches were a proposal for a series of themed children's feeding mat play sets. The bowls, cups and spoons would interect with light and sound to make meals fun.
Vehicle/Character Control Drawing created using Adobe Illustrator
Clay Creation Station - This project was an expansion of an exisiting product for NSI-International. I took the basic pottery wheel and added stations for painting and cooling and integrated all the tools on board.
P.O.P Make-up Counter 3D Studio Max 03'
Shelcore Toys/Misc
Jameson Neumann
Experienced Industrial Designer / 3D Modeler / Sculptor Shelby charter Township, MI