RoboStir - This is an example of the importance of packaging. RoboStir was launched previously and sold in an enclosed retail box. Sales were poor. Telebrands took over and launched a media campaign that really hit home with buyers. At retail, an enclosed box didn't highlight the product. This design prominently featured the shape of the product and showed the RoboStir sitting in a molded frying pan with handle. This allowed for better consumer understanding of product use and function.
Lap It Up - Lap It Up is a system of powders that provide vitamin water for dogs. You simply apply the powder to any store bought water bottle and shake. The Lap It Up cap screws on and only allows the pet to drink as the water ball is pressed by the dogs tongue. No spilling occurs as when the water ball is not depressed, it creates a water tight seal.
Slice O Matic cutaway - For the hit product Slice O Matic, an image showing the internal mechanism was needed. Rhino 3D was used to create the main body, blades and gear system. This was provided to the art department who used Photoshop to blend the image and was used on the retail package.
Fresh Linen & Apple Cinnamon Fresh Art - Fresh Art stand is a solution for household odors. Utilizing shelf space, or space just about anywhere, these decorative items serve as pieces of art as well as absorb odor and add a subtle pleasing scent. This project led to my first design patent. Telebrands offers a unique experience for industrial designers as it allows concepts to become commercials.
Telebrands The As Seen on TV Company
Jameson Neumann
Experienced Industrial Designer / 3D Modeler / Sculptor Shelby charter Township, MI