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I'm an Industrial desginer, based in Bs.As, Argentina. As a product developement designer, it's my job to develope multitasking abilities, incorporate group strategies skills and time management to help me confronting different challenges regarding Desing issues. Whenever a new challenge arises, my abilities are put to test and I feel comfortable working them out. As an enthusiast Designer, I am willing to improve my professional skills on daily bases, and I'm eager to put my abilities to work, meeting specific expectations on the creation of new products. I am: Lateral Thinker & Brainstormer, Good Observer & Learner, creative with an eye for shape and colour, with technical, practical and scientific knowledge, and can understand different materials and production methods. I'm also interested in the way people choose and use products. I can: Generate quick concepts, Technical & Detailed Drawings, graphic pieces as: brochures, catalogs, user instruction manuals, 2D & 3D Modelling: AutoCad / Rhinoceros / 3DStudio, rendering: Vray/Keyshot


1 Mencion "1000 Ideas Solidarias para Buenos Aires" Sociedad Central de Arquitectos, Nov 2006

Experience & Education