Skip Hop, Comprehensive Branding

Nearing their eighth anniversary, Skip Hop had expanded into seven product categories — hard goods, soft goods and more. It was time for a refresh and a more complete brand system.

The former Skip Hop brand lived on the logo alone and lacked continuity between packaging, marketing materials and photography. Careful attention had to be given to packaging to unify seven product categories that encompassed hundreds of SKUs, sub-brands and licenses (Jonathan Adler, Target, Animal Planet, Giggle, Indigo).

My partner and I rolled-out the rebranding across a tremendous amount of packaging, marketing materials and tradeshow/retail experiences. The result was a system that maintains existing brand recognition while embracing a cleaner, bolder look that will be relevant for years to come. The new iteration includes special assets that support the brand throughout, primary and secondary typography, color palette and photography guidelines.

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Freelance, Full-time
Jennifer Boyd
Multimedia Designer & Art Director Paris, France