adidas speed manifesto

Self-initiated project... The goal: a midsole with zero compression set, and enhanced energy return. Advanced manufacturing accounting for product lifecycle, making it "clean" as possible on all accounts.
I took the name "SPEED MANIFESTO" from memory of a futurist show I saw when I was still living in New York.
Futurism was an early 20th Century art movement, primarily centered in Italy, that celebrated dynamism, speed, movement, simultaneity, conflict, machines, energy, and the new.
.... ultimately the 'futurist manifesto' is disturbing as a whole, and the guy who wrote the manifesto(Marinetti) sounds crazy to me. Nonetheless, Umberto Boccioni, along with others, made some great dynamic masterpieces... and the celebration of speed and efficiency is intrinsic to almost any athletic endeavor and of interest to designers. I appropriated this celebration of speed for my own use with a more universal message.

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John Joseph
Founder of SOLiD Industrial Design Portland, OR