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A Q&A with David Shields, author of Reality Hunger. Published August 2009.

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An interview with novelist and storywriter Padgett Powell, author of The Interrogative Mood. Published November 2009.

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An interview with novelist and storywriter Lydia Millet, author of Love in Infant Monkeys. Published December 2009.

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Knee-Jerk staff interviewed the editors behind a few exciting independent publications, and I spoke with Matt Bell, then the editor of The Collagist and Dzanc Books. Published March 2010.

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An interview with some of the people behind Chicago's popular annual literary gala, Printers' Ball. Published July 2010.

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An interview with novelist Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes. Published September 2010.

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An interview with the editors of literary journal Wag's Revue. Published November 2010.

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Knee-Jerk Interviews

As a co-founding editor of the online and print literary magazine Knee-Jerk, one of my primary tasks was to conduct and edit interviews. Here is a selection of some of those I conducted.

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