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A life linked to industrial design and mechanical design. Experience developed in different fields such as industry and consumption, engineering in new products worked them with many different materials like as PVC, Ceramic, PA, ABS, PP, HDPE, PET, POM, Aluminum, etc. .. Professional evolution in two countries such as the Netherlands and Spain and with aspirations to continue improving and growing. Interested in new futures materials and design tendencies. Specialties: Unigraphics solutions & collaboration with INXCAD.com Unigraphics NX2 - NX3 - NX4- NX5 - NX6 Solidworks (versions 2000 -2012) Mechanical Design Industrial Design Product Development ---------------------------------------------------------- - Concepts and feasibility studies - Generation of 3D geometry - Ergonomy of the design applied to products - Create and manage 2D drawings - Analysis of demolding - Feasibility molds and tools - Studies of reduction cost. - Study of assembly sequences - Solidworks Rendering 360 - Hypershot - Maxwell

Experience & Education