Annual Report Enghouse Systems Ltd. - Annual report for this Canadian cable management/utility software company. Each spread in the editorial featured a word such as opportunity that defined that year. The Enghouse Systems CEO wanted to stress austerity yet stability and requested the large use of white space. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. Toronto, Canada
Optimum Designs Ltd. corporate brochure design for an engineer in Nassau, Bahamas.
Toronto Works and Emergency Services Review - City of Toronto departmental report. Report design and with custom photography by Lorne Wolk. Employer: Nelgia Design Inc.
Money in Motion seminar series guide for the Treasury Management Association of Canada (TMAC) - Design and royalty-free photo sourcing. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. Toronto, Canada.
From Sea to Sky and Beyond - For the annual Treasury Management Association of Canada (TMAC) conference I designed the brochures (large and small), the photo montage, the tickets, and program book. Employer Neglia Design Inc, Toronto, Canada.
Annual Report, Enghouse Systems Ltd. Design and photography art direction.ThIs report reflects a year of growth and profit by this utility software company. Custom photography by Lorne Wolk of Toronto. Features include tinted varnishes of utility schematics and a faux parchment sheath imprinted with a schematic drawing. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. Toronto, Canada.
Imagine Nassau Capital Campaign brochure for the Downtown Nassau Partnership, Nassau, Bahamas.
University of Idaho, Presidents Report. I designed and illustrated it from cover to cover. Employer UI Communications, University of Idaho, USA.
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Julia P Ames
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