Downtown Tours logo and postcard design
Amphora Communications Logo - I designed the logo and stationery for Amphora Communications. This public relations firm promotes olive oil and German wines – hence their name amphora, a container the ancients used to store wine, olive oils and perfumes. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. Toronto, Canada
Logo and business card design for engineering company, Optimum Designs Litd.
Prodigy Foundation (Bahamas), logo design. Prodigy assists talented musicians perfect their craft and prepare for a performance career.
Dining and Entertainment Guide for Nassau, The Bahamas - Masthead design. Employer: Etienne Dupuch Jr. Publications, Nassau, The Bahamas
The Porches of The Bahamas logo - Design of this realty logo, stationery, press kit and advertisement for The Porches at Coral Harbour in Nassau, The Bahamas
John Bull 75th Anniverary logo and brochure - I designed the 75th anniversary diamond jubilee logo for this Bahamian jewelry store chain to compliment their existing mark and designed the anniversary brochure featuring all the John Bull brands. Employer: Etienne Dupuch Jr. Publications, Nassau, The Bahamas
Masthead for youth newspaper, ARISE and ARISE KIDS.
Logo design and corporate brochure for New Day Publications in Nassau, Bahamas.
Freelance, Full-time
Julia P Ames
Senior graphic designer Moscow, ID