Design and creation of Bethell Legal website mock-ups.
Apex Management Services Ltd., Debt Collection Agency. Concept, organization and design. Functionality by Uptime Bahamas.
BLAZE, an employee intranet site, featured a online dynamic calendar and promotional brochure. Designed for for AstraZeneca Canada, I designed the website, the dynamic online calendar and the launch brochure in French and English. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. Toronto, Canada.
From top left: - AstraZeneca Canada corporate website, based on an international template provided by AstraZeneca International. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. - Factbook for UI Communications. Employer: University of Idaho - Only Olive Oil for International Olive Oil Council-Canada. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. - website design. Employer: Etienne Dupuch Jr. Publications
Website design

Mock ups I created for Bethell Legal (Bahamas) website.

Freelance, Full-time
Julia P Ames
Senior graphic designer Moscow, ID