I designed this website for the Office of Technology Transfer at the University of Idaho. I compiled the information, organized it, designed the navigation, selected all the photos and created mockups for each page.
I designed and created mockups of each page for legacy Bethell Legal. An IT partner implemented the design.
Apex Management Services Ltd., Debt Collection Agency. Concept, organization and design. Functionality by Uptime Bahamas. www.apexbahamas.com
BLAZE, an employee intranet site, featured a online dynamic calendar and promotional brochure. Designed for for AstraZeneca Canada, I designed the website, the dynamic online calendar and the launch brochure in French and English. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. Toronto, Canada.
From top left: - AstraZeneca Canada corporate website, based on an international template provided by AstraZeneca International. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. - Factbook for UI Communications. Employer: University of Idaho - Only Olive Oil for International Olive Oil Council-Canada. Employer: Neglia Design Inc. - Caribbean.net website design. Employer: Etienne Dupuch Jr. Publications
Website design

Mock ups I created for Bethell Legal (Bahamas) website.

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Freelance, Full-time
Julia P Ames
Senior graphic designer Moscow, ID