LEGO Retail Store Design

Make visiting the LEGO Store an exciting, engaging and playful shopping experience by bringing the LEGO brand promise of “Playful Learning” to life inside the LEGO Stores.

“Kids today have more choices on what toys to play with than ever before, creating an extremely competitive environment for toy makers. To differentiate themselves, LEGO has retail stores, which not all toys have. So the goal for this concept is to help kids feel impowered to create whatever their heart desires with no limits and not feel as if they are being told what to create because the LEGO brand prides itself on their core values: Imagination, Creativity, Fun, Learning, Caring, and Quality.
To give the audience the freedom to “Create The Dream” all of these values can and will be reached. This space will be highly interactive, creating lasting and memorable experiences for kids and their guardians.”

Kayla Dejong
Experiential + Exhibit + Environmental Designer Atlanta, GA