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2015 Lip Smacker Header
Lip Smacker Cupcake Offers
Proposed Halloween 2015 Balm Labels
Disney Descendants Mini Counter Unit Display
Disney Descendants Clip Strip Display (Still a work in progress)
Disney Descendants Storybook (Still a work in progress)
Easter 2015 Counter Unit Display
2015 Spring Side Panel Display
2015 Mini Counter Unit Display
Disney Inside Out Mini Counter Unit Display
Disney Inside Out Clip Strip Display
2015 Inside Out Storybook
Disney Inside Out Trio Blister Cards
Disney Inside Out Balm Labels
Bonne Bell 2014 Vacform Display
"Layer Your Flavor" counter unit design for a retailer. Created vector illustration icons and designed display.
2013 Bonne Bell Light Box and Bulk Bullnose Millennium Graphics.
Vector images of Holiday 2014 displays I designed.
Valentine's Day Display and Box Offers Concept.
Vector image of potential display.
Lip Smacker 2015 Vacform Display
Lip Smacker identity graphics.
Lip Smacker/Disney Identity Graphics.
20150Disney Cinderella Storybook.
Frozen Lip Smacker Gift Sets.
Frozen Clip Strip Header and Trio.
Frozen Trios.
Frozen Singles
Disney Frozen Balm Labels
Halloween Blister Carded Offers.
2104 Australia Formula 10.0.6 Noodle Boxes
Disney SPF 2013 Mini Counter Unit Display
3D Rendering of a Lip Smacker Tower Display I designed.
2013 Lip Smacker Spinner Graphics. Design based on provided artwork.
3D Rendering of a Chupa Chups Tower Display I designed.
40th Anniversary Graphics, including a Wall Talker, Bullnose, Floor POP Graphic, and Wobbler.
Belle Single Disney Balm Card for EU - Single Balm Card for Disney Princess Belle for Europe.
A sampling of the 2013 Web Calendars I designed for the Lip Smacker Lounge.
Back to School Press Release for Lip Smacker in Australia.
Insert for Holiday 2012 Merchandise to promote the Collector's List.
Three variations of the Lip Smacker Collector's List, created for lipsmackerlounge.com.
Manipulated provided Paul Frank artwork to fit in light box dimensions for stores in Europe.
A sampling of the 2012 Web Calendars I designed for the Lip Smacker Lounge.
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Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker

Work from my Production Artist/Graphic Design position at Aspire Brands (a.k.a. Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker)

Kate Paullin
detailed designer | fitness fanatic | grammar guru Lakewood, OH