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Empowerment training Check -www.coroflot.com/graphichead - The training is meant to expose the young and growing creative and visual designers, photographers especially young graduates in getting exposed to computer generated design know-how and build spirit of entreprenuership amongst the corporate individuals who may want to invest in print know-how,packaging photobook & photo editing,advertising and concept generation. There is customised training to suit your need- call +2348052271755. Meet our expert through its link - www.coroflot.com/kehinde
Some of our trainees
Kehinde, on building the youths
Teemac and Kehinde at Lagos carnival
Shaping the bride's beauty
Getting ready for her memorable day
Share your joy
Memorable contract
Creative wedding photography
Creative wedding shot
creative initiative blending painting with computer-generated designs - A complete graphic artist should be creative in using painting on canvas and has great skill in computer-generated designs with high knowledge in design softwares.
Linkage annual report cover
Annual report cover
Carrier bag concept
Training the creative minded youths
Lagos Carnival show
Lagos carnival 2010
Music flyer
calendar concept
calendar concept
calendar concept
calendar concept
calendar concept
calendar concept
calendar concept
It is being planned occasionally whenever their are sponsors as free training usually attract high number of people.
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Training book to enhance your digital marketing explorations with vital skills to succeed with ease!

Training book titled: “Advanced Techniques In Photo Editing, Graphics & Publishing with Digital Marketing Explorations” to conform with the present economic reality. Though our training in our outfit is usually at N18,000 to N35,000 training fee per person as our charges are very competitive and affordable depending on the duration as against the high training fee elsewhere Based on over two decades in the creative field, we have trained large number of Nigerians in this field. The most fortunate thing about the book is that it is meant for everybody - young business investor who wants to use the techniques to boost and promote his/her brand and product or established business owner who wants to go digital in reaching out to its clients and boost its products. It is good for brand manager, event planner, digital photographer, printer, graphic/web designer, corporate affair manager & lots more The book has a multi-faceted applications to boost businesses in all ramifications.

Kehinde Bereola ...
Brand / Digital Marketing Strategist l Graphic Designer l Training... Lagos, Nigeria