The Beacon Drysuit
The integrated jacket hem sits high preventing interference with kayak skirts
Early concepts
I made this sample. the legs stop at the knees and the knees are on the thighs. It's clearly not ergonomic at all, but definitely proved the entry and standby features.
This was so much better than the first one AND it was waterproof ...
so we took it out in the ocean!
Then we made adjustments like 8 more times, but this one was pretty good.
This is a unique construction which minimizes excess fabric but allows for a long enough zipper to easily put on the suit without having to engage the neck seals immediately.
And here it is in all it's glory.
I made a whole tech pack, Jesse made the BOM, Sharon made the patterns and Davon/Nona helped get it on the manufacturing floor.

An easy entry drysuit for commercial and recreation marine activities. It's design is particularly ideal for people with reduced mobility and flexibility due to it's centre entry and pull over neck seals.

Kenneth Bontje
Design and Innovation Shepherd Portland, OR