Carbon fiber composites currently offer the best weight, stiffness, durability and ease of use parameters out of all other materials available for bicycle component manufacture. Composite literally means made of several materials - in this case carbon fibers, and resin. Carbon fiber layup and the quality of manufacture is extremely important in being able to control the torsional loads. Unlike isotropic materials, carbon fiber composites are a man made material that can be made to satisfy virtually any mechanical property without changing the overall structural shape of the part, they are entirely anisotropic.
My main inspiration came from porsche street legal sports car and in particular porsche GT3 RS. I really want to create some lightweight street bicycle, something really attractive and in the same time pushing the current production technologies to the limit. Every element is stylistically integrated forming one organic body structure, no cables and wires are visible.The crucial thing in my view was the ergonomy. Ergonomics helps to improve the output and the comfort of bike riding. When improving the comfort, you can use your power more for bike riding and not for struggling against pain. When you improve your output you get more comfort, because your muscles become stronger and you don`t sit on the bike like a sack of potatoes.
Bike Ergonomics doesn`t mean choosing a bike only by the frame-size of the saddle-tube and an all purpose handlebar. That is only very easy for the bike dealer! More important is the length of the frame, but today that length is only determined by the amount of frames fitting in a 20 feet container. (that´s no joke!!).There are differences in the weight distribution, when you are sitting in different ways. The minimum strain is in the racing position, the only position which allows a convex curve in the lower back, because the whole body is working, like flying over the bike. The power goes in a circle from the handlebar to the feet and back.
Cycling and walking are the most environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable of all transport modes. The idea of the project is to promote sustainable lifestyle with the power of a branding and design. My primary objective was to create a bike which will be treated like something precious, something that people will care about. Let put aside the fact that cycling is good for your health, when we care about some product we aim to protect it, therefore we can say that it is a form of sustainability.
Concept Porshe Bicycle