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Forms of Constraint, 2013

In my most recent works I focus on the problem of closed form, which has been described by an architect Oskar Hansen as a form of (symbolic) violence. These forms are characterised by structural domination taking the form of a centric closed composition. The source of inspiration is to be found in the architecture of XIX century prisons, which was expected to reflect the industrial progress and the development of the views on the ways in which public spaces were to be shaped originating from the Enlightenment. One of the most characteristic ideas of that period was Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon, which was intended to become a symbol of progress in the architecture of prisons. The philosopher and ethics became the architect of an institution of oversight, though he never implemented any of his projects. His most significant concept – that of the panopticon – became, according to Michel Foucault, a despicable architectural allegory of panoptical power, discipline – the mechanism.

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Iza Rogucka
Art & Architecture Warsaw, Poland