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Sacred and Profane Love

“Sacred and profaned love” is a project inspired by a spatial image of “The Battle of Addis Ababa” by Jerzy Nowosielski.
The geometric composition consisting of triangles and rhythmic diamonds frieze is an echo of pain and sorrow which the artist felt because of the war between Ethiopia and Fascist Italy. The painting created more than 10 years after these events was an expression of a personal drama of Nowosielski, thus the artist saw in it the parallel of the murder of Lemko culture in communist Poland. The "love of earth and heaven," is above all a tribute to one of the greatest Polish artists of the twentieth century, which was Jerzy Nowosielski. It is also the desire to achieve and to realize the real religious values?presented by instinctively and spontaneously sketched geometric figures. As the result of a geometric analysis I designed two passing wings in red and blue, which in an openwork weave create a spatial form, referring to the shape of an amphitheater.

Iza Rogucka
Art & Architecture Warsaw, Poland