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Downward Facing Dog - Yoga illustration of downward facing dog (adho mukha svasana).

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Namaste - In yoga or in India, a greeting at the beginning and end of class. Used as a mudra it expresses "suchness" or tahata.

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Yoga Practice - Illustration I made for my new blog www.yogapractice.tumblr.com recording my notes, thoughts, and experience during my intense 200 hr teacher training course with Yoganize by Karen Noonan.

Bear Hug - Adorable grizzly bear with tribal elements blended into the design. Perfect for any loved one! You can buy on Etsy. Please visit my store http://www.etsy.com/listing/76985936/bear-hug
Thank You 1 - Thank you card with flowers and foliage.
Tea Towel - Screen printed tea towel with two birds, arrows, and design details.

Quality Inspection Services - Quality Inspection Services is an amazing company that preserves vegetation and wildlife around developing areas. They've hired me to do some illustrations and also design their new website.
Mountain Pose - Tadasana - Whimsical hand drawn illustration of Mountain Pose (tadasana) with feet rooting into the earth. I love yoga!
Children's Book Page - Illustration for a children's book.
Spread Love - Bumper Stickers
Christmas Trees | LaurenPooleDesign.com - illustration, drawing, christmas, tree, holiday, happy, card, invitation
Sweet Sixteen - birthday party invitation
Caffe Latte
Tea Time
Real Peace - Woman in prayer position in her yoga practice.
Two Lamps
Salt + Pepper
My Home
Spread Peace - Bumper Stickers
Modern Girl
Love Birds - Engagement Party invitation
Windmill Plate
Spread Art Bumper Sticker - Bumper Stickers
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Hand-Drawn Illustration

Hand-Drawn yoga illustrations perfect for yoga teacher trainings or anyone wanting to learn more about the pose, sanskrit, and health benefits.

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Lauren Poole
Illustrator, Surface Design, Textile Designer, Print & Pattern, Illustration Atlanta, GA