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Mason Murphy-Bio With 25 years of experience with high-end custom audio-visual design, product inventor and trend setter, Mason has done more than experience the technology curve—he has helped define and fuel it. Initially working as an installer for satellite music systems for AEI-Nashville, Mason managed day-to-day installations for this early adopting retail-background music company in the late ’80s. Mason was one of the first to incorporate commercial music in the retail space and its importance of the consumer experience. He got his first taste of integration technologies before IP and touchpad control was available and now the norm. Mason was senior custom manager of Nicholson’s HI-FI Electronics, the nation’s oldest custom retail electronics store. For seven years he was responsible for multiple installation teams, engineering, theater design and project management. He then went on to direct and manage the Nashville convention centers audio visual department along with Lowes Hotel. Taking his prowess to the next step, Mason started his own consumer electronics company, MasonWare in 2001. This company utilized LED’s that were integrated into the speaker designs themselves making it the first company to blend sound and light together in a consumer electronics product. MasonWare went on to be very successful selling tens of thousands of pairs to major brick and mortar stores including Best Buy. During this time, Mason received 5 patents in LED technology, speaker design and packaging. He then went on to design and install some of the most bespoke entertainment systems in the world. Mason’s last endeavor was the creation of intelligent LED wearables category for live events. GlowMotion was the first company to use addressable LED pixels for audiences to become a video wall. With this technology, wireless signals can be sent and received from each individual in the audience allowing for wonderful lighting effects. His creations have been used all over the world by many artists and was featured at last year’s SuperBowl with Katy Perry with a record 120 million viewers. GlowMotion has 3 patents pending. Currently, Mason is working on his newest creation Lumaplay. A new experience in consumer electronics, where the consumer can control audio and mood lighting all from a wireless speaker via smartphone or tablet. An easy to use and intuitive app engages the consumer with color and mood selections all while streaming your favorite music, TV show or game. This brings a new experience into the home and will have the ability to control other Iot (internet of things) accessories in the home. Lumaplay will become the homes entertainment and experience hub truly connecting the consumer and the connected home. Multiple design and utility patents are being created at this time.


5 Issued patents, masonware partners, 4 pending.



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