"Break My Code"(c) - Canvas Sneaker Unisex - CONCEPT: Each inset has a different message in binary computer code: L shoe: "Walk Now" R shoe: "Run Now" (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC
"Genome"(c) - Canvas Sneaker Unisex - CONCEPT: DNA on the tongues, printing on top. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC
Thinker Collection Footwear

Lots of Science, Tech, Engineering and Math ("STEM") designs readily translatable to printed footwear -- and great as virtual goods! (These are a high schooler's self-grunged sneaks with STEM enhancements they raved over.)

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Lisa C. Clark,...
Visual/Product Designer, Marketer, Serial Entrepreneur, Publisher, Venture Advisor San Diego, CA