"Engineered for Learning"(c) - School Notebook Concept - For those passionate about the #1 most in-demand profession of 2009: The lingo of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering in fonts that suggest their definitions. "Fish mouthing"?! "Degassing flux"?! "Windage drift"?! "Flocculation"?! I'm not making this up. What do engineers *do* locked away for hours and days at a time? Only they know. And they're usually smiling because it's a huge private joke -- know the lingo / formulae and you're in.
"Communicate"(c) - School Notebook Concept - The range of ways humans communicate brain-to-brain. How do you keep in touch and commune with, keep tabs and check in on, pass on information, reach out, get on the horn and across, and drop a line to, your humans?
"Bot Brilliance"(c) - School Notebook Concept - Thinker Clothing(tm) "Nano"(c) on a notebook. Nanoprobe arrays, respirocytes, nanobots. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC
"Dis.ruptively In.no.vat.ing"(c) - School Notebook Concept - For the student headed toward a sea change: RSS feeds, digital audio players, the xvYCC color space standard all represent disruptive technologies that marginalized the status quo - as muskets did to crossbows, as telephones did to telegraphs, as plastics did to metal/wood/glass, as digital synthesizers did to electronic instruments. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC
"Finding Patterns in the Chaos"(c) - School Notebook Concept - Chaos transition when a Lorenz attractor collapses. Used in forecasting. Pattern recognition: An ever-increasingly valuable skill in mathematics, the Web, intelligence gathering. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC
"Knowledge IS My Style."(c) - School Notebook Concept - The rainbow of Science, Tech, Engineering and Math ("STEM") disciplines: Epidemiology to paleontology, digital imaging to industrial engineering, scientific notation to fractals. For students who make knowledge their style.
"Robo Student"(c) - School Notebook Concept - Robotic hands of all kinds for engineering students or any with robo-drive. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC
"THINK Globally"(c) - School Notebook Concept - "Think" in 29 languages. For global citizens who'll be players on the global stage. See also the Thinker Clothing(tm) T in "Human Behavior".
"Thinking ..."(c) - School Notebook Concept - Our iconic brains.
Thinker Collection School and Office Supplies Concepts

Designs highlighting innovations in Science, Tech, Engineering and Math ("STEM") on notebooks, 3-ring binders, composition books.

Perfect private labeled, or licensed by Mead for school and office supplies.

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