Post card, cross sell letter and raffle form used for St. Charles Bank and Trust.
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Web ad when clicked directed to the landing page used for St. Charles Bank and Trust.
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Post card and cross sell letter used for Town Bank.
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Simplicity Campaign for Town Bank, showing various Town Bank lobby locations with employees conducting business as usual.

I came up with a new campaign for Wintrust Marketing featuring a piggy bank as the mascot, which is photographed within the bank’s community and prospects guess where the pig is located. Then, he/she can come into the bank to fill out a raffle form with guess/contact information to win an iPad. This campaign is in use for 5 of the Wintrust community banks. I proposed this idea as well as spearheaded the creation including postcards/POS/flyers/web ads/landing page/raffle tickets/photographs and social media uploads; it has been used for the following Wintrust community banks: Town Bank, Crystal Lake Bank & Trust, Libertyville Bank & Trust, Beverly Bank & Trust and St. Charles Bank & Trust. This campaign is not only community-based, it also involves customers/possible customers to become active with the bank and getting them in the door.