30-second showcase of the entire puzzle box and its augmented reality puzzles (Five-minute walkthrough video is below and narrated by yours truly).
Five-minute rundown of how using your wand (your AR phone) and the box's physical affordances progress each puzzle until CTINA, the Fifth element, is constructed.
The box's exterior, decorated with mysterious symbols and a four-digit lock.
The player must use the physical affordances of the box by lifting its side panels, revealing hidden symbols needed to open the box using your wand.
Augmented Reality Puzzle #1: Using your wand (phone) to scan these four square symbols will make each appear as jigsaw puzzle pieces. These jigsaw pieces on your phone reveal a number on each piece, BUT those are decoy numbers. Once you correctly move and rotate the physical pieces, the real number code, needed to open the box, will reveal itself.
The box's interior with two more locks guarding compartments, a locked journal from your wizard Grandfather Arthur, and a mysterious map. If you pull the map off the box, it reveals a secret key to the journal.
Augmented Reality Puzzle #2: Using your wand (phone) to scan the map, hidden inside the box, will reveal the locations of the four major Alchemy elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Arthur's journal reveals the order in which he visited these four elements, which is necessary to constructing the Fifth element.
Augmented Reality Puzzle #3: Using your phone (wand) to scan this alchemy table reveals an interface for constructing the Fifth element: CTINA. CTINA is ultimate power.
The alchemy table is used with a guide to reveal the five materials required to construct CTINA.
CTINA: An Augmented Reality Puzzle Box

CTINA is the name of my partner's and my own Augmented Reality puzzle box. The box belonged to your grandfather Arthur, who you learn was a wizard. Using your new wand (your phone), you unlock the box, solve puzzles, and learn about Arthur's journey to construct the Fifth element.

Utilizing the physical affordances of the box in combination with your wand (phone) progresses the box's puzzles until CTINA, the fifth element, is constructed.

Freelance, Full-time
Luke D'Errico
Game Designer Los Angeles, CA