I started out in a shop environment and found this to be a comfortable place. I became a certified MIG welder and have experience in all welding processes. At the same time I was studying Drafting and worked for 3 years drafting including 6 months of hand drafting. This lead me to Industrial Design and then my world exploded with opportunity. Industrial Design has become a passion for implementing solutions in ways that are sustainable. In a throw away culture we can only change if we start at the beginning of the process and change the design thinking thus making it easy for users to intuitively change their habits because it is seamlessly integrated in the products and systems that they use daily. My personal skills can be summed up into a few words: • Futuristic- forward looking • Ideation- idea driven • Responsible- taking personal ownership • Achiever- goal setting and task motivated • Learner- fast to pick up new things and new ideas



Experience & Education