Mini Markers
Mini Markers - package front
Mini Markers - package back
Crayon Kit - package front
Crayon Kit - package back
The 'Big Ideas Box' contains lots of different art materials and looks great in your room, too.
Big Ideas Box - package front
Big Ideas Box - package back
Several of the 2015 Specialty Channel line items for Spring.
Crayola Specialty Channel product line: Spring 2015

I designed an exclusive line look for Crayola's presence in gift-centric chains (such as Barnes & Noble) and small toy shops across the U.S.A. and Canada. The uniquely bright patterns allow Crayola to stand out to a discerning consumer looking for a readily giftable package.

© 2015 Crayola

Mischell "Meech" Yost
Senior Graphic Designer / Illustrator Reinholds, PA